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Business Planning

What does Business Planning Involve?

While owning your own business is part of the American Dream, the keys to your company do not always come with an instruction manual. Because you have a business to run and customers to please, business planning can sometimes take a backseat. At Brunette & Associates, we understand that you cannot always locate the required skillset to create or find the time to implement and continually evaluate a business and financial plan.

We have learned through experience it is simply not enough for business owners to work hard. Your business has to have a business plan – a financial roadmap that addresses cash management needs and services for every stage of your business life cycle. At Brunette & Associates, our business planning also takes into consideration your personal financial goals and the dreams of you and your family.

Comprehensive business planning with Brunette & Associates will address:

  • Retirement plans and employee benefits. The competition for the best employees can be fierce. By offering competitive benefits you can compete in talent wars to attract and retain good employees. As a business owner, we can assist you in developing strategies that fit your unique situation.
  • Tax strategies. Managing your taxable income becomes a dynamic factor as your financial situation changes over time. A good business advisor can help you keep your financial plan aligned with your current needs.
  • Business valuation. We can help you assess the potential value of your business and integrate our findings with your personal financial situation. This process will give you a “360°″ view of how the future of your organization might unfold.
  • Business succession planning. You may not want to work forever! Will you sell your business…pass it to the next generation…offer it to employee owners? We will help explore business succession options and develop a detailed succession plan that meets your business and personal needs.
  • Business insurance and protection. Things do not always go according to plan. That’s why we will help you develop an insurance and protection plan. You need a safety net in the event of a business disruption. Key employee departures or disabilities should not detour you from your ultimate goals.

At Brunette & Associates, we enjoy working with business owners. We pledge to provide clients with access to a comprehensive financial planning process that keeps both personal and professional financial goals in complete alignment.

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