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Corporate Services

Detailed Service Through All Business Stages

Owning a business can be great. But sometimes, you have to get creative.

Brunette & Associates can help your business's profitability with products, services, and expertise spanning the range from day of launch to growth, maturity, exit strategy, and succession planning.

Business Planning

We understand that your business is built on your effort, sweat, and sacrifice. But business success depends on more than that  it depends on a financial roadmap to address cash management needs and services for each stage of the business lifecycle. Count on our staff’s expertise to focus on providing creative solutions for issues including employee benefits, tax strategies, business valuation, insurance, and succession planning.

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Business Retirement Plans

Reward your skilled employees with help from a suite of business retirement and compensation plans. We’ll take you through the available options including 401(k) plans (for retirement), cash-balance plans (with tax savings), and non-qualified plans (as a compensation strategy) to determine the best tool to help with qualified employees' attraction and retention.

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Retirement Planning

Even if retiring from your business is decades away, we can help you develop a plan now to equip you with the resources to enjoy your post-career lifestyle. Our retirement professionals will work with you to determine the accounts you have available for your retirement. We’ll also discuss your preferred retirement age, expectations, and investments to help you generate and maintain wealth as you close in on the end of your work life.

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For more information about how we can help you build a financial plan and security to meet your goals, call or email us to schedule your no-obligation appointment.

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Our Approach

A three-pronged approach of goal-setting, creative financial security planning, and continual monitoring helps to grow and protect your assets.  

Our Approach

Our Team

With more than four decades of experience, the Brunette & Associates team of seasoned advisors is prepared to work with you on a creative plan that helps you pursue the life you envision.

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