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Disability Income Insurance

Imagine what a sudden injury or protracted illness could do to your family if you or your spouse were unable to continue working. It would certainly result in a loss of family income and there would likely be additional costs associated with the event that caused the disability.

Disability income insurance is designed to provide an additional layer of financial protection. Simply put, it replaces your income when you’re not able to earn it due to a disabling injury or illness.

Your Brunette & Associates representative will help you determine the unique disability income insurance that’s appropriate for your situation. There are multiple variables involved with each policy range of coverage – and we can help prescribe a combination of features that might include:

  • Monthly Benefit Amount. This is the percentage of your usual monthly income the policy is designed to replace.
  • Elimination Period. This is the length of time the policyholder would need to wait before benefits start. Typically we choose from 30, 60, 90, or 180 days from the disabling event.
  • Duration of Benefit. This is the period of time the benefit payment will last. Many times, terms are set for 12-24 months. However, some plans are designed to provide disability income up until age 67 – your retirement age.
  • Definition of Disability. Often, these are the most important specifics of the policy. One type of injury could be covered and another may not. Some injuries or illnesses may make your job more difficult to perform while others may make it impossible. We can advise on these factors based upon your specific employment situation.

At Brunette & Associates, we think it important to remember that any employer-sponsored group disability insurance policies and Social Security disability benefits may fall short of providing all of the monthly income you depend upon. We can help to identify gaps and exclusions and create a well-crafted Disability Insurance Program to protect what is most important to you.

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