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Personal Wealth Services

Masterful Planning for the Life You Want

Whether your goal is to minimize your tax burden, build a solid financial cushion for your retirement, or save for your children’s college education, count on Brunette & Associates’ products, services, and education for creative guidance, planning, and management.

Portfolio Advisory Services

You work hard for your money. And we believe in providing creative solutions, so your money works hard for you, as well. Portfolio Advisory Services helps diversify your investment risk to pursue long-term financial goals by capturing market returns. Furthermore, because we’re fiduciaries and we take the time to get to know you, you can rest assured that we act solely in your best interests, offering only best-in-class investments.

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Financial Planning

Our creative, comprehensive approach to the financial planning processes first considers the current details of your financial life (including the source of your wealth). With that situation in hand, we tap into what you envision for the future, then offer recommendations to help you reach those goals. The result is an adaptable, flexible, and practically artful strategy designed to put you on the path to the life you envisioned.

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Education Funding

While college is worthwhile, it can be out of the financial reach of many American families. We understand this at Brunette & Associates and stand ready to help provide creative strategies and plannings to overcome potential hurdles. We work with you to develop a plan to generate the resources necessary to support your children or grandchildren's higher education goals.

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Risk Management

Life happens. When life happens, it can mean an unforeseen impact on your assets and planning, potentially threatening you and your loved ones. To help offset the potential downfalls of living, we can incorporate broad perspective insurance strategies which can also take on roles as tax-advantaged investments, retirement income, and estate building.

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Disability Income Insurance

Disability income insurance offers an additional layer of financial protection if your earning power is diminished due to a disabling injury or illness. We’ll help you determine the appropriate program for your situation. We can also help you identify gaps and exclusions in your employer-sponsored group disability insurance program to ensure you are fully protected.

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Estate Planning

We believe you’re never too young to start thinking about the legacy you'll leave when you're gone. As such, an estate plan is essential to any successful broad-perspective financial planning process. We’ll walk you through wills, trusts, and tax exclusions among other components, to help design a legacy to match your values, while protecting your heirs and beneficiaries. 

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Consolidated Wealth Management Group

The Consolidated Wealth Management Group is a website and personal management center in place to help you better manage your finances while clarifying and achieving your goals. Your user name and password provide you with document storage, interactive workshops, mobile account access, and alerts to let you know about important changes in your accounts.

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For more information about how we can help you build a financial plan and security to meet your goals, call or email us to schedule your no-obligation appointment.

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Our Approach

A three-pronged approach of goal-setting, creative financial security planning, and continual monitoring ensures your assets continue to grow and improve in value.

Our Approach

Our Team

With more than four decades of experience, the Brunette & Associates team of seasoned advisors is prepared to work with you on a creative plan that helps you pursue the life you envision.

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