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Portfolio Advisory Services

What are Portfolio Advisory Services?

Our clients work hard for their money, so we believe their money should work hard for them as well. Portfolio Advisory Services is an investment program designed around a low-cost, fee-based methodology that diversifies risk in order to achieve long-term financial goals by capturing market returns. As fiduciaries, we act in the best interest of our clients, only offering investments that we consider best-in-class.

What type of portfolios do we offer?

Our portfolios are based on your risk tolerance. We identify our clients goals and needs before finding the right portfolio for their investments. Our Investment Committee is made of experienced professionals that meet quarterly to research and design portfolios based off current market conditions and our market outlook.

What are the fees?

At Brunette & Associates, we pride ourselves on transparency. Our Advisory platform offers a tiered fee structure based on investment amount, and we will always be open with our clients on how fees are assessed on their portfolio.

Are there account minimums?

At this time, the client's minimum investment must be $25,000.

What accounts can I invest in your portfolios?

Our Advisory platform allows us to invest both qualified and non-qualified accounts into our portfolios.

What is a fiduciary?

In Financial Services, a fiduciary is a representative who acts on the behalf of a client's best interests. Our fiduciary duties are based on ideals of ethics, authenticity, and trust. We are the in the business of making our clients' lives better, and at Brunette & Associates, we take our fiduciary status seriously.

If you believe Portfolio Advisory Services are right for you, we are available to review your current portfolio or discuss what one of our portfolios could do for you. Please Contact Us by filling out our form or calling us at (317) 238-6582 today.

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