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Risk Management

What is Risk Management?

When you consider the things that matter most to you – your loved ones, the assets to provide for them, your health to continue working – unforeseen life events can disrupt your chosen plan and threaten those things you hold dear. A well-conceived insurance program can help to protect what matters most in your life.

In many instances, these insurance instruments can take on many forms and do “double duty” as tax-advantaged investments, tools to accumulate retirement income, and pillars by which an estate plan is constructed.

At Brunette & Associates, our process not only helps to assess your current coverage but it includes substantial review, reflection, and projection in concert with your financial plans.

  • Is there a plan in place to provide for dependents if you’re unable to earn income or if you’re gone?
  • What other unexpected events might impact your family’s goals?
  • What criteria should be used to determine home insurance policy coverage and auto liability coverage limits?

Other forms of risk management

Life Insurance. We can help you determine if permanent (whole life) or term insurance is best for your unique situation – or perhaps what blend of insurance is prudent for your unique situation.

Long-Term Care Insurance. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services tells us that 70% of Americans who reach age 65 will need long-term care at some point in their lives.* LTC can provide for your future and assure your loved ones will not bear an onerous level of expenses in securing suitable elder care.

Disability Insurance. For most individuals, their largest single asset is their ability to continue to earn a living. Serious illness or injury can jeopardize your entire family’s income and lifestyle. We can help clients dial in the proper coverage and pinpoint varying benefit terms, coverage, and definitions of disability.

Other Risk Considerations

  • Is your property and casualty coverage adequate? Are there any gaps in coverage?
  • Does any umbrella liability coverage make sense for your situation?
  • Are there additional employee benefits available to you to cover additional insurance needs?

Our qualified advisors at Brunette & Associates can help to uncover omissions and shortcomings in your current approach to risk management – and mitigate the impact of unforeseen setbacks.

* See Data Published by US Department of Health and Human Services, 2010.

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